Wednesday, July 8, 2015

First order from Ebay, How I Process an Order?

I registered an Ebay seller account in 2011, and I did sell on Ebay before, but unfortunately my account was frozen after only several items was sold, as what I was selling is a restricted product. I was scared selling on Ebay and stopped listing any more items when the account was unfroze.

The year before last, AliExpress became popular among Chinese cross-border C2C sellers, I got my seller permission, and started selling there and gained great success. I moved to Yiwu City from Taizhou last month as Yiwu has a better cross-border C2C environment: it has many small commodities on the market, and many international expresses locate here, which allows me sourcing more items to sell, and shipping is more easy.

AliExpress is full of competition everywhere, in order to enlarge my sales, so I had my Ebay account re-enabled again. Although I had my account for many years, I am still a newbie. Recently I spent many time on learning how to sell on Ebay. I am so clever and learned fast on how to list items with a third-party software.

It still has 10 items limits, I listed several items on Ebay Australia and 3 on Ebay USA. The 3 items on Ebay is set to be shipped worldwide except Australia (you know why, haha). My effort isn't wasted, I got an order successfully from a buyer from Saudi.

Here's how I process an order

(Printing address label with my barcode printer)

(Here's the address label it printed)

(Paste the address label and customs declaration form on the envelop)

(My barcode scanner, used to scan the barcode on the ERP system to arrange for packing)

When these steps are done, I can call the carrier to pick up the packages.


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